Sentence Examples

  • In the 3rd century this love of mystification reached the pitch of hiding even the gospels from the unclean eyes of pagans.
  • Meanwhile the party was getting more and more disorganized, and the public were getting tired of the apparent mystification.
  • These sources quoted in Hippolytus have lately met with very unfavourable criticisms. The opinion has been advanced that Hippolytus has here fallen a victim to the mystification of a forger.
  • A strange mystification was practised by the last named, a scholar of singular brilliancy, who claimed to have a mutilated MS. which he called his Decurtatus, bought from a common soldier who had obtained it from a sacked monastery; also to have been furnished by a friend, Pierre de Crouzeil, a doctor of Limoges, with variants taken from an old MS. found at Noyon, and entered in the margin of a copy of the Lyons edition.