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Another word for dead

  1. Without life

Synonym Study

  • Lifeless refers to that which has died or appears dead or to things that exhibit no life or spirit her lifeless body, a lifeless painting
  • Inanimate refers to that which has never had life inanimate rocks
  • Extinct is applied to a species, race, etc. that has no living member
  • Defunct , applied to a person, is now somewhat rhetorical or jocular, but it is also commonly used of something that because of failure no longer exists or functions a defunct government
  • Late precedes the name, relationship, or title of one who has died, especially recently the late Mr. Green or of one who preceded the incumbent in some office or function his late employer
  • Deceased and departed are both euphemistic, esp. for one who has recently died, but the former is largely a legal, and the latter a religious, usage
  • Dead is the general word for someone or something that was alive but is no longer so