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Another word for impassive

  1. With little or no emotion or expression

  2. Not capable of being affected or impressed

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Another word for impassive

Synonym Study

  • Phlegmatic is applied to one who by temperament is not easily disconcerted or aroused
  • Stolid suggests dullness, obtuseness, or stupidity in one who is not easily moved or excited
  • ?stoic implies an austere indifference to pleasure or pain and specifically suggests the ability to endure suffering without flinching he received the bad news with stoic calm
  • Apathetic stresses an indifference or listlessness from which one cannot easily be stirred to feeling an apathetic electorate
  • Impassive means not having or showing any feeling or emotion, although it does not necessarily connote an incapability of being affected his impassive face did not betray his anguish