Sentence Examples

  • Parents of teens frequently find themselves at an impasse over a variety of issues.
  • However, oftentimes the former employer and the applicant come to an impasse on the reason for termination, especially when either one or both of the parties is lying or they have a different interpretation of the same events.
  • Escape from this impasse, and among his Socratic contemporaries he seems to have singled out Antisthenes 4 as most in need of refutation.
  • The exchange of despatches soon led to a complete impasse.
  • This time the Poles came to the rescue of the Government in its hour of need, by getting a form of standing order approved which rendered obstruction somewhat more difficult, and in this, curiously enough, they were helped by the Czechs; for obstruction had brought even them into an impasse, since their financial requirements had not been met.