Block Synonyms and Antonyms

A mass, usually with flat surfaces
The area between streets
  1. neighborhood
  2. square
  3. city square
  4. city-block
  5. lots
The distance of the side of a block, sense 2
  1. street
  2. city-block
  3. intersection
In sports, an obstruction to a move or play
  1. charge
  2. tackle
  3. check
  4. body-check
  5. body block
  6. running-block
  7. cross-body block
  8. downfield block
  9. pick (in basketball)
A massive object
  1. chunk
  2. mass
  3. impediment
  4. solid
  5. cylinder block
  6. slab
  7. base
In sports, to impede a play
  1. obstruct
  2. throw a block
  3. Also used with out: conceal
  4. tackle
  5. hide
  6. charge
  7. obscure
  8. check
  9. parry
  10. screen
  11. block out
  12. shroud
  13. take out of play
  14. shut off
  15. deflect
Place of execution
  1. headsman's block
  2. guillotine
  3. scaffold
  4. stake
  5. tree
  6. cross
  7. gibbet
  8. gowk
Interfere with or prevent the reception of signals
  1. jam
Stop from happening or developing
  1. stop
  2. halt
  3. kibosh
Be unable to remember
A metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling ducts of an engine
  1. engine-block
  2. cylinder block
An inability to remember or think of something you normally can do; often caused by emotional tension
  1. mental-block
A platform from which an auctioneer sells
  1. auction-block
Prohibit the conversion or use of (assets)
  1. unblock
  2. unstuff
  1. blocked
  2. clogged
  3. congested
  4. impedimental
  5. occlusive

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