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Another word for scotch

  1. An incision, a notch, or a slight cut made with or as if with a knife

      1. An amount or sum due; account; debt
      2. A ground; a reason:
      3. (Sports & Games) A usually numerical record of a competitive event:
      1. (Billiards, Pool) A shot that results in a penalty; specif., in pool, a shot in which the cue ball goes into a pocket
      2. (--- Sports) The starting line for a race.
      3. In certain card games, a score of zero
      1. A long cut or other opening made by such a stroke; a gash or slit.
      2. A genre of fanfic depicting romantic relationships between characters, usually of the same sex, that are not romantically connected in the original work or works upon which the fanfic is based.
      3. A short diagonal line (/) used between two words to show that either is applicable (and/or), in dates or fractions (3/8), to express “per” (feet/second), etc.; virgule
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  1. Careful in the use of material resources

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Another word for scotch

      1. To prevent the occurrence, realization, or attainment of:
      2. To oppose and defeat the efforts, plans, or ambitions of (someone).
      3. To hinder, obstruct, frustrate, or defeat (a person, plans, etc.)
      1. To be able to go no further; come to an end
      2. To prevent the flow or passage of:
      3. To interrupt one's course or journey for a brief visit or stay. Often used with by, in, or off:
      1. To indicate broadly without great detail; sketch. Often used with out:
      2. (--- Sports) To stop or deflect (a ball or puck) by using one's body.
      3. To stop or impede the passage of or movement through; obstruct:
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