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Another word for canny

  1. Having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

  2. Careful in the use of material resources

Another word for canny

  1. Prudent

  2. Clever

      1. Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding:
      2. Showing clever awareness and resourcefulness; shrewd and worldly:
      3. Suggestive of secret or private knowledge:
      1. Having a thin edge or a fine point suitable for or capable of cutting or piercing.
      2. Having clear form and detail:
      3. Terminating in an edge or a point:
      1. Having or showing a clever awareness or resourcefulness, especially in practical matters.
      2. Disposed to or marked by artful and cunning practices; tricky.
      3. Sharp; penetrating:
      1. Possessing or exercising skill; expert.
      2. Characterized by, exhibiting, or requiring skill: