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Another word for slick

  1. So smooth and glassy as to offer insecure hold or footing

  2. Exhibiting or possessing skill and ease in performance

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  3. Having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

  4. Characterized by ready but often insincere or superficial discourse

      1. Speaking or spoken in an artfully suave manner; ingratiating.
      1. Performed with a natural, offhand ease:
      2. Given to or characterized by fluency of speech or writing that often suggests insincerity, superficiality, or a lack of concern:
      1. Done or achieved with little effort or difficulty; easy:
      2. Working, acting, or done with ease and fluency:
      3. Arrived at or presented without due care, effort, or examination; superficial:


    slick up

  1. To make neat and trim; make presentable

Another word for slick