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Another word for dry

  1. Having little or no liquid or moisture

  2. Having little or no precipitation

  3. Disagreeable to the sense of hearing

  4. Needing or desiring drink

  5. Having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

  6. Without addition, decoration, or qualification

  7. With little or no emotion or expression

  8. Lacking liveliness, charm, or surprise

  9. Arousing no interest or curiosity

  1. To make or become free of moisture.

  2. To make or become physically hard


    dry up

  1. To make or become no longer fresh or shapely because of loss of moisture

  2. dry up

  3. To make or become no longer active or productive

Another word for dry

  1. Having little or no moisture

  2. Thirsty

  3. Lacking in interest

  4. Possessed of intellectual humor

  5. Having restrictions on alcoholic liquors

  1. To become dry

  2. To cause to become dry


    not dry behind the ears