Sentence Examples

  • Clothing for adult women had grown simpler and girls' daywear was also comparatively unadorned, but the layers that had used to distinguish undergarments could now be seen in abbreviated form on dresses for little girls.
  • His manners were simple, his speech unadorned and almost homely.
  • Cettigne itself is little more than a walled village, consisting of a cluster of whitewashed cottages and some unadorned public buildings.
  • The Bank is a characteristic building, quadrilateral, massive and low, but covering a large area, without external windows, and almost wholly unadorned; though the northwest corner is copied from the Temple of the Sibyl at Tivoli.
  • His style is clear, absolutely unadorned, and somewhat lacking in force; he appeals constantly to the intellect rather than to the emotions, and is seldom picturesque, though in describing a few famous scenes, such as the execution of Charles I., he writes with pathos and dignity.