Sentence Examples

  • Courtship: When it comes to the courtship phase and dating, know that Sagittarius prefers to keep things casual; he or she would much rather be outside in the park for a date than in some stuffy, formal restaurant.
  • A stuffy formal dress may look out of place in this type of environment, whereas a more informal dress or casual beach wedding dress will fit in with more picturesque appeal for both onlookers and photographs.
  • If you don't, you may want to consider buying one because they're easy "no-brainer" shirts to wear when a t-shirt is too casual but a button-up feels a little too stuffy.
  • People who tend to have colds or allergies that make it difficult to breath through their nose may find a full face mask to be more comfortable to use during those "stuffy" nights.
  • Nobody likes wearing a stuffy shirt and dress pants, especially during scorching ninety degree days, but if you happen to be an intern at an office, you just might.