Sentence Examples

  • This was important because during the 1920's, large numbers of women abandoned the confining corsets; thus was born the flapper, who scandalized the previously staid fashion scene with her short skirts, bobbed hair and decadent lifestyle.
  • The social climate of this era was transforming from the staid 1950s to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, and Gernreich's swimsuit became a social comment on personal freedom.
  • After all, it wasn't long before that they were wearing Edwardian- and Victorian-style clothing with aplomb; those garments were distinctly more staid and polished.
  • Personally, I favor the more provincial, less ego-driven Sonoma Valley and County wine country over the super-hyped and staid air of its eastern neighbor.
  • From the generally staid color-blocked styles to the far more ostentatious graphic prints in wild colors, the pants tended to resemble pajamas at times.