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Another word for current

  1. Characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

  2. In existence now

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  3. Most generally existing or encountered at a given time

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  1. Something suggestive of running water

      1. The periodic variation in the surface level of the oceans and of bays, gulfs, inlets, and estuaries, caused by gravitational attraction of the moon and sun.
      2. A specific occurrence of such a variation:
      3. Flood tide.
      1. To rise and move in a billowing or swelling manner.
      2. To roll or be tossed about on waves, as a boat.
      3. To move like advancing waves:
      1. A flow of water in a channel or bed, as a brook, rivulet, or small river.
      2. A steady current in such a flow of water.
      3. A steady current of a fluid.
      1. A sudden flood, rush, or outpouring:
      2. A flash flood.
      3. A freshet resulting from a downpour of rain or melting of snow.
      1. To move swiftly; hurry:
      2. To act with great haste:
      3. To make a sudden or swift attack or charge:
      1. A flow or flowing of a liquid.
      2. The flowing in of the tide.
      3. A continuing movement, especially in large numbers of things:
      1. To move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity, as in the manner characteristic of a fluid.
      2. To issue in a stream; pour forth:
      3. To circulate, as the blood in the body.
      1. An overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry.
      2. A flood tide.
      3. A large amount or number, especially when moving from one place to another:
      1. To be carried along by currents of air or water:
      2. To proceed or move unhurriedly or aimlessly:
      3. To live or behave without a clear purpose or goal:
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Another word for current