Course Synonyms and Antonyms

A prepared way, especially for racing
  1. track
  2. trail
  3. ski trail
  4. racecourse
  5. ordinarily
  6. routinely
  7. naturally
  8. customarily
  9. in-due-time
  10. when proper
  11. eventually
  12. in the natural course of events
  13. during
  14. in the process of
  15. when
  16. certainly
  17. by-all-means
  18. indeed
  19. misdirected
  20. erratic
  21. going the wrong way
  22. on-target
  23. correct
  24. going in the right direction
A way of proceeding
The compass direction in which a ship or an aircraft moves
As might be expected
  1. naturally
  2. of-course
  1. unnaturally
(construction) a layer of masonry
  1. row
A mode of action
  1. course-of-action

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