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Another word for erratic

  1. Without a fixed or regular course

      1. that wanders; moving from place to place; roaming, roving, straying, etc.
      2. nomadic
      3. winding
      1. To move away from a group, deviate from a course, or escape from established limits:
      2. To move without a destination or purpose; wander:
      3. To be directed without apparent purpose; look in an idle or casual manner:
      1. Not straightforward; shifty:
      2. Departing from the correct or accepted way; erring:
      3. Deviating from the straight or direct course; roundabout:
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  2. Lacking consistency or regularity in quality or performance

  3. Following no predictable pattern

  4. Deviating from the customary

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Another word for erratic

  1. Strange

      1. Characterized by, arising from, or subject to caprice; impulsive or unpredictable:
      1. Contrary to rule, accepted order, or general practice:
      2. Not conforming to legality, moral law, or social convention:
      3. Not straight, uniform, or symmetrical:
      1. Deviating from what is expected or normal; strange:
      2. Odd or unconventional, as in behavior; eccentric:
      3. Of a questionable nature or character; suspicious:
      1. Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern.
      2. Deviating from a circular form or path, as in an elliptical orbit.
      3. Not having the same center:
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  2. Variable

  3. Wandering