Sentence Examples

  • The toddlers were both tired and cranky.
  • Sleepovers with friends and relatives are more fun when kids wear their Wubbzy pajamas, and a cranky toddler just might settle down for a long, cozy nap when she is wearing her special children's pajamas.
  • Rather than featuring fantasy themes with sword-weilding characters, Mother is set in a modern-day town where characters equip bats, frying pans and slingshots to fight stray dogs, cranky old ladies and other weirder foes.
  • In her search, Alice encounters many strange things: a cranky caterpillar smoking a hookah, a mad hatter and a march hare having an "unbirthday" party, and a Cheshire Cat, whose smile often appears well before he does.
  • He's been cranky all night.