Sentence Examples

  • Khosrev was executed in Asia Minor by his orders; a plot of the spahis to depose him was frustrated by the loyalty of Koes Mahommed, aga of the janissaries, and of the spahi Rum Mahommed (Mahommed the Greek); and on the 29th of May 1632, by a successful personal appeal to the loyalty of the janissaries, Murad crushed the rebels, whom he surrounded in the Hippodrome.
  • The exports consist principally of sugar, cotton, and rum (aguardiente).
  • Sugar, molasses, rum (aguardente or cachaca), tobacco and fruit are largely exported.
  • To Rum-Kaleh, or " castle of the Romans " (Armenian, Hrhomgla).
  • General View Oft 'Il Sll L 1 RUM i tiL LA I.