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Another word for strange

  1. Causing puzzlement; perplexing

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  3. Of, from, or characteristic of another place or part of the world

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Synonym Study

  • Outlandish suggests an oddness that is decidedly, often excessively, fantastic or bizarre an outlandish remark
  • Quaint suggests an oddness, esp. an antique quality, that is pleasing or appealing a quaint costume
  • Queer emphasizes an element of eccentricity, abnormality, or suspicion a queer look on her face
  • Odd suggests that which differs from the ordinary or conventional, sometimes to the point of being bizarre offended by his odd behavior
  • behavior peculiar to beavers
  • Peculiar applies either to that which puzzles or to that which has unique qualities a peculiar smell, pattern, etc.
  • Strange , the term of broadest application here, refers to that which is unfamiliar, as because of being uncommon, unknown, or new a strange voice, idea, device, etc.