Sentence Examples

  • The reality TV series, which scours the United States in search of the most talented person alive, has had a string of offbeat winners.
  • These photo sessions are typically staged days, months or even years after the initial wedding, and involve a bride wearing her dress in unusual places or while doing offbeat things that result in a "trashed," or ruined, dress.
  • You can get a funky yarn in an offbeat color and, depending upon how fast you knit or crochet, within a week you might be wearing a top that's similar and yet oh-so-different from what everyone else is sporting!
  • One recent entry discussed how Moon Unit Zappa, daughter of the late rocker Frank Zappa, decided to name her daughter Mathilda Plum-even though her own offbeat name was relentlessly mocked in the 1970s.
  • Check out the book Offbeat Bride, which features plenty of unconventional wedding gown ideas, as well as other ceremony and reception ideas that will keep your special day outside of the box.