Sentence Examples

  • Tion, too, betrayed itself in an unwonted irresolution.
  • He has left an amusing acccunt of his employments in the country, where his love of study was at once inflamed by a large and unwonted command of books and checked by the necessary interruptions of his otherwise happy domestic life.
  • His son Amaziah had some difficulty in gaining the kingdom and showed unwonted leniency in sparing the children of his father's murderers.
  • Rome had been roused to unwonted fury, and the truculence of the rebels was matched by the cruelty of their masters.
  • ' After Klein's death his Prodromus, written in Latin, had the unwonted fortune of two distinct translations into German, published in the same year 1760, the one at Leipzig and Lubeck by Behn, the other at Danzig by Reyger - each of whom added more or less to the original.