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Another word for conventional

  1. Generally approved or agreed upon

  2. Conforming to established practice or standards

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  3. Fond of or given to ceremony

      1. Strictly attentive to minute details of form in action or conduct.
      2. Precise; scrupulous.
      1. Relating to or involving outward form or structure, often in contrast to content or meaning.
      2. Being or relating to essential form or constitution:
      3. Following or being in accord with accepted or prescribed forms, conventions, or regulations:
      1. Suitable for a royal court; stately:
      2. Elegant; refined:
      3. Flattering in an insincere way; obsequious.
      1. Strictly observant of or devoted to ceremony, ritual, or etiquette; punctilious:
      2. Characterized by ceremony.
      3. In accord with prescribed or customary usage; rigidly formal.
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Another word for conventional

  1. Established by convention

  2. In accordance with convention

  3. Devoted to or bound by convention

  4. Formalized; said especially of artistic designs

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