Sentence Examples

  • For those who compete on a dance team or in a cheerleading squad, there is a wide array of MySpace layouts to choose from, ranging from the iconic pompoms to photographs of well-known squads, such as the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders.
  • Whether you are looking to shop and well-known retailers or want to check out a specialty store that is rare in other parts of the country, stop by the Tulare outlet center for excellent deals on clothing, purses, shoes and more.
  • For example, if your best friend from college is a publicist at a company that represents well-known musicians, you may be able to use this connection to give you a bit of an edge when it comes to writing entertainment articles.
  • Weight Watchers Online offers people who live far away from meeting sites another option so they can follow the well-known Weight Watchers program and reap the same weight loss benefits as others living closer to meeting sites.
  • These highly knowledgeable, and often well-known, individuals host classes on a variety of topics, from new time and budget-saving scrapping techniques to advanced concept dynamics for scrappers looking to turn their passion into profit.