Sentence Examples

  • Blue Nile is confident enough about the quality of their merchandise that they encourage every shopper to study so they can be well-informed and recognize the exceptional workmanship and superior worth of Blue Nile diamonds.
  • Fortunately modern science has proven that smoking can lead to any number of diseases and health concerns, so the younger generation is well-informed of the dangers.
  • Now, as a well-informed celiac you've become all too aware of your environment, to the point that you'll be up later tonight Googling as to whether or not the very oxygen you breathe contains gluten.
  • When deciding on what form of birth control to use, make sure you are well-informed of all the facts -- method, cost and effectiveness -- before coming to a decision.
  • A well-informed consumer should compare all options closely to determine which credit card provides the overall best terms for their particular needs.