Sentence Examples

  • Be flexible and open-minded when the feedback starts coming in, and don't be discouraged by the negatives.
  • If you are tempted to believe that people are more open-minded nowadays and interracial dating is more widely accepted, just do a little research on the subject of racism in the world at large and the blinders will fall off in no time.
  • Obviously, if there is a particular bag you want, this is a risky venture, but if you are open-minded about what you'll come away with, you should definitely hit these sales.
  • While a few cross dressers are with women who are open-minded enough to accept this habit, the majority of men who don women's clothes do so in secret, ashamed of what others will think of them.
  • The quirky, eclectic ski community has always been open to experiencing the freer side of life, and has therefore been open-minded towards seeing a naked skier here or there.