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Another word for acceptant

  1. Ready and willing to receive favorably, as new ideas

      1. Reacting easily or readily to suggestion or appeal
      2. Sensitive to, and readily reacting to, stimuli, changes, control mechanisms, etc.
      3. Containing or using responses:
      1. Receiving or ready to receive penetration in sexual intercourse.
      2. Inclined to the favorable reception of a request, suggestion, etc.
      3. Receiving or tending to receive, take in, admit, or contain
      1. Alternative spelling of open-minded.
      2. Having a mind that is open to new ideas; free from prejudice or bias
      1. Played without a mute:
      2. (Sports) Having the forward foot farther from the intended point of impact with the ball than the rear foot:
      3. Ending in a vowel or diphthong:
      1. Ready to consent; agreeable:
      2. Susceptible to; disposed toward; capable of being persuaded.
      3. Open to persuasion; agreeable or responsive
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