Sentence Examples

  • Yet it would seem as if a candid and impartial historian could not well be greatly in doubt in the matter.
  • Nautet, Histoire des lettres beiges d'expression frangaise (3 vols., 1892 et seq.), written from the point of view of young Belgium, and by no means impartial; A.
  • Influenced, however, by his godfather, Laud, then bishop of London, he resolved to make an impartial inquiry into the claims of the two churches.
  • Like the Speaker of the British House of Commons, ~ he is primarily the presiding official, but the character of his office has become different from that of the impartial moderator of the British house.
  • And his advisers to combine the native and the foreign elements under one government; to make the king the sovereign not of one race or class, but of all; and to extend equal and impartial laws over all inhabitants of the 1 The first Roman Catholic priests came in 1827 and were banished in 1831, but returned in 1837.