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Another word for neuter

  1. Not inclining toward or actively taking either side in a matter under dispute

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  1. To render incapable of reproducing sexually

      1. To change or make different; modify:
      2. To become different; change; vary
      3. To adjust (a garment) for a better fit.
      1. To remove the ovaries of (a female); spay.
      2. To deprive of essential virility, vigor, or significance by mutilating, expurgating, subjugating, etc.; emasculate
      3. To remove the testicles of; emasculate; geld
      1. To assign; attribute:
      2. To influence the outcome or actions of (something) by improper or unlawful means:
      3. (--- Informal) To take revenge upon (someone); get even with.
      1. To castrate a horse or other similar animal.
      2. To deprive of anything essential; weaken
      3. To castrate (a horse, for example).
      1. To sterilize (a female animal) by removing the ovaries
      2. To remove surgically the ovaries of (an animal).
      1. (Economics) To place (gold) in safekeeping so as not to affect the supply of money or credit.
      2. To make free of living microorganisms, as by subjecting to great heat or chemical action
      3. To eliminate the ability of a person or animal to produce offspring, as by altering or removing the reproductive organs.
      1. To deprive of sexual capacity or sexual attributes.
      2. To deprive of sexual power
      3. To deprive of the qualities considered characteristic of one's sex; esp., to make unwomanly