Sentence Examples

  • The baby's heel or child's finger is then wiped with alcohol and/or an antibacterial solution such as betadine to sterilize the surface.
  • An autoclave, a regulated high-temperature steamer that kills blood-borne pathogens and bacterial agents, is used to sterilize the needle bar and reservoirs before each tattoo session.
  • If you suspect that your jewelry may be the problem, do not change the jewelry without visiting your doctor who can sterilize appropriate jewelry in an autoclave sterilizer.
  • These jars can be used multiple times, as long as you sterilize them between uses and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe canning to the letter.
  • Brain cells calm down, which in some people even help prevent epileptic seizures Another benefit is that ketones have shown to sterilize urine against infection and may even help to dissolve some kidney stones.