Sentence Examples

  • If the power of the mind could be harnessed, investigators speculated that it might be possible to incapacitate a foreign leader or even an enemy army.
  • Sure, a few gunshots may incapacitate zombies, but removing their heads is the best way to go.
  • Chances are he used your blood to incapacitate Damian.
  • It should be remembered that a single complete defoliation of a herbaceous annual may so incapacitate the assimilation that no stores are available for seeds, tubers, &c., for another year, or at most so little that feeble plants only come up. In the case of a tree matters run somewhat differently; most large trees in full foliage have far more assimilatory surface than is immediately necessary, and if the injury is confined to a single year it may be a small event in the life of the tree, but if repeated the cambium, bud-stores and fruiting may all suffer.