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Another word for incantation

  1. Invocation

      1. A quality or feature in someone or something that attracts or delights people
      2. An item worn for its supposed magical benefit, as in warding off evil; an amulet.
      3. Any trinket worn as a decoration on a bracelet, necklace, watch chain, etc.
      1. Words, as of a canticle or psalm, to be sung in this way
      2. A phrase, slogan, or other words that are repeated over and over
      3. A simple liturgical song in which a string of syllables or words is sung to each tone
      1. A word, formula, or form of words having some magic power; incantation
      2. Seemingly magical power or irresistible influence; charm; fascination
      3. A compelling attraction; charm or fascination:
      1. A commonly repeated word or phrase, especially in advocacy or for motivation:
      2. (General.) A slogan or phrase often repeated.
      3. (Hinduism) A sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation, or incantation, such as an invocation of a god, a magic spell, or a syllable or portion of scripture containing mystical potentialities.
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  2. Witchcraft

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