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Another word for boil

  1. To cook (food) in liquid heated to the point of steaming

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  3. To be in a state of emotional or mental turmoil

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    boil away

  1. To pass off as vapor, especially when heated

  2. boil down

  3. To reduce in complexity or scope

Synonym Study

  • Stew refers to slow, prolonged boiling or, in an extended colloquial sense, unrest caused by worry, anxiety, or resentment
  • Simmer implies a gentle, continuous cooking at or just below the boiling point or, metaphorically, imminence of eruption, as in anger or revolt
  • Seethe suggests violent boiling with much bubbling and foaming or, in an extended sense, excitement the country seethed with rebellion
  • Boil , the basic word, refers to the bubbling up and vaporization of a liquid over direct heat or, metaphorically, to great agitation, as with rage it made my blood boil