Sentence Examples

  • Invisible Acne Patch: This unique product essentially smoothes the surface of the pimple, making makeup application easier and drawing less attention to redness and irritation.
  • Whether you are plagued with persistent acne or are one of the fortunate few who only deal with the occasional blemish, you've probably used a pimple treatment at some point.
  • Take care not to apply too much product, as a common problem with application is too much concealer, which can leave the area around the pimple looking cakey.
  • If you suffer from blemishes and haven't had much success with over-the-counter remedies, you might be on the hunt for an acne pimple natural treatment.
  • The macule may remain on the skin for several months even after the pimple is gone, but, unlike a scar, it will eventually disappear completely.