Sentence Examples

  • Pimp My Profile - this website is similar to Code My Layout in that it offers a code that can be pasted into the "About Me" section of the MySpace users profile in order to effect the layout on the MySpace page.
  • Other elements such as font colors and borders are laid out on the Pimp My Profile site as well, and by separating them out it makes it even easier to make your own selections.
  • Now you can pimp out your own characters, bring your memory card with you to a friend's house, and battle your tricked out versions of each others characters.
  • In Need For Speed: Underground Rivals for the PSP, take out your rivals with portable power as you street pimp your rides and whip your opponents into shape.
  • Pimp My Profile allows you to customize your profile tables, headings, scrollbars and text through an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use interface.