Pin Synonyms and Antonyms

A device to fasten goods by piercing or clasping
A piece of jewelry
  1. tiepin
  2. stickpin
  3. brooch
  4. fibula
  5. ouch
  6. badge
  7. flag
  8. stud
  9. pivot
  10. sorority pin
  11. fraternity pin
  12. school pin
A rod inserted through a prepared hole
When a wrestler's shoulders are forced to the mat
  1. fall
Cylindrical tumblers consisting of two parts that are held in place by springs; when they are aligned with a key the bolt can be thrown
  1. pin tumbler
A number you choose and use to gain access to various accounts
  1. personal identification number
  2. pin-number
A club-shaped wooden object used in bowling; set up in triangular groups of ten as the target
  1. bowling pin

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