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Another word for clamp

      1. A piece of jewelry that fastens with a clasp or clip; a brooch.
      2. (Informal) A quick sharp blow:
      3. Cartridge clip
      1. Any of various devices for supporting a weak or malformed part of the body: often intended for permanent use in contrast to a splint or cast
      2. (Music) A leather loop that slides to change the tension on the cord of a drum.
      3. A device for setting up or maintaining tension, as a guy wire
      1. A metal bar attached to the ribbon of a military decoration to show a subsequent award of the same medal or to specify the type or place of service
      2. A fastener or holder, particularly one that clasps.
      3. A small metal bar or other device attached to the ribbon of a military decoration to indicate the action or service for which it was awarded or an additional award of the same medal.
      1. Visa
      2. A device, usually fastened to a workbench, consisting of two jaws opened and closed by a screw, lever, etc. and used for holding firmly an object being worked on
      3. A heavy clamp, usually mounted on a workbench and operated by a screw or lever, used in carpentry or metalworking to hold a piece in position.
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