Sentence Examples

  • Then, with the Wizard's help, he tried to fasten some of the wings to the old cab-horse.
  • The alternative derivation, from religare, to fasten, bind, is that adopted by Lactantius (Inst.
  • But there is no mention of the Van den Endes in Spinoza's correspondence; and in the whole tenor of his life and character there is nothing on which to fasten the probability of a romantic attachment.
  • If you agree to let me fasten your other arm and drop this pillow case over your head so you can't see, I'll let you chat with our friend, but that's the only way.
  • He would even be drawn into this process by his writing materials, which were papyrus rolls of some magnitude; he would tend to write discourses on separate rolls, and then fasten them together in a bundle into a treatise.