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Another word for sew

      1. To sew loosely with large running stitches so as to hold together temporarily.
      1. A thing considered as a unit or an element of a larger thing, quantity, or class; a portion:
      2. A portion or part that has been separated from a whole:
      3. An object that is one member of a group or class:
      1. To tie or secure, as with a rope or cord.
      2. To hold or restrain by tying with rope or bonds:
      3. To fasten or wrap by encircling, as with a belt or ribbon:
      1. To ornament with needlework:
      2. To make by means of needlework:
      3. To add embellishments or fanciful details to:
      1. A short, light nail with a sharp point and a flat head.
      2. A rope for holding down the weather clew of a course.
      3. A rope for hauling the outer lower corner of a studdingsail to the boom.
      1. One that makes, repairs, and alters garments such as suits, coats, and dresses.
      2. To make (a garment), especially to specific requirements or measurements.
      3. To fit or provide (a person) with clothes made to that person's measurements.
      1. To attach firmly to something else, as by pinning or nailing.
      2. To make fast or secure:
      3. To close or connect securely, as with a lock or other device:
      1. A line of junction formed by sewing together two pieces of material along their margins.
      2. A similar line, ridge, or groove made by fitting, joining, or lapping together two sections along their edges.
      3. A suture.
      1. A single complete movement of a threaded needle in sewing or surgical suturing:
      2. A single loop of thread or yarn made with an implement such as a sewing or knitting needle.
      3. A single loop or knot of thread used in closing a wound or incision in surgery; a suture.