Sentence Examples

  • Nine West was always seen as a competitor because the Nine West brand is known for the same qualities Ravel footwear was known for: stylish affordability in the latest fashions.
  • The Clarks company, which took control of Ravel footwear in 1974 (originally Chaussures Ravel), reported that it would convert many of Ravel's stores to Clarks, but would close any that overlapped existing Clarks businesses.
  • Unfortunately, in the spring of 2007, Ravel shoes was absorbed by Clarks, another United Kingdom-based shoe manufacturer, and the Ravel brand is no longer bringing us the trendiest footwear on the market.
  • Ravel went out of business in style, offering big sales and clearances on their shoes and accessories, undoubtedly sending their footwear fans into a happy frenzy over the great prices.
  • True fans, however, will find it difficult to embrace any other brand and will cherish the Ravel shoes they were lucky enough to buy before the shops closed their doors.