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Another word for rave

  1. To speak in a loud, pompous, or prolonged manner

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  2. To show enthusiasm

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Another word for rave

  1. To talk incoherently

      1. To speak or shout at length in an uncontrollable anger.
      2. To speak or write in an angry or emotionally charged manner; rave.
      3. To talk or say in a loud, wild, extravagant way; declaim violently; rave
      1. To utter rapidly or indistinctly; to gabble.
      2. (Intransitive) To talk rapidly, indistinctly, or unintelligibly; to utter gibberish or nonsense.
      3. To speak or say quickly, incoherently, or nonsensically; chatter; gibber
      1. To roam about; esp., to walk or stroll about idly, without any special goal
      2. To move about aimlessly:
      3. To roam through
      1. To turn away from accepted belief or morals
      2. To move or go about aimlessly, without plan or fixed destination; ramble; roam
      3. To roam through, in, or over without plan or destination
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  2. To rage

      1. To travel around (a place) vigorously in an attempt to gain support:
      2. To behave or shout angrily; rant and rage:
      3. To shout angrily:
      1. To make hissing or spitting sounds, or to throw off particles in an explosive way, as something frying; sputter
      2. To speak hurriedly and confusedly, as when excited or embarrassed
      3. To perform to a substandard level
      1. To supply with rails or a railing; fence
      2. 1596, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, IV.2:
      3. To supply or enclose with rails or a rail.
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  3. To talk with great enthusiasm

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