Sentence Examples

  • A good book review follows the same basic rules as any other type of writing: write in the active voice, don't ramble, and proofread your work carefully when you're finished.
  • They can be long-winded and tedious when listening to someone ramble on before they briefly encounter a point that they want to make.
  • Where space is limited they can be kept small by pruning, but the best effects are obtained where they can ramble without hindrance.
  • For moist spongy spots near the rock garden, or by the side of a rill, it is one of the best plants, but its beauty is best seen when it is allowed to ramble over rich, muddy soil.
  • Smilax Tamnoides - This grows well in the Bamboo Garden at Kew, and shows well how such a plant may be used to ramble over tree stumps to make a mass of picturesque vegetation.