Sentence Examples

  • A swan dive off the roof sounds good right about now.
  • Gladys is happy as hell about Shipton's swan dive.
  • He gives an introduction, in which the adventures of the father, here a prince of Anjou, are related; a conclusion, in which the Swan-Knight, Lohengrin, is made Parzival's son; he represents the inhabitants of the Grail castle as Templars (Templeisen); and makes the Grail itself a stone.
  • Three brothers VOlundr, Egill and Slagfil,r seized the swan-maidens Hlal)gulT, Olrfln and Hervor, who, divested of their feather dresses, stayed with them seven or eight years as their wives.
  • (A from Cooke, British Freshwater Algae, by permission of Kegan Paul, Trench, Triibner and Co.; C, E, F, G, H, K from Engler and Prantl, by permission of Wilhelm Engel mann; B 1 from Vines, by permission of Swan Sonnenschein and Co.; B2, D from Oltmanns, by permission of Gustav Fischer.) protoplasts.