Sentence Examples

  • A swan dive off the roof sounds good right about now.
  • Gladys is happy as hell about Shipton's swan dive.
  • He gives an introduction, in which the adventures of the father, here a prince of Anjou, are related; a conclusion, in which the Swan-Knight, Lohengrin, is made Parzival's son; he represents the inhabitants of the Grail castle as Templars (Templeisen); and makes the Grail itself a stone.
  • 1), which consists of a flat blade set transversely in a long wooden handle; the Dutch or thrusthoe (2), which has the blade set into the handle after the fashion of a spade; and the swan-neck hoe (3), the best manual hoe for agricultural purposes, which has a long curved neck to attach the blade to the handle; the soil falls back over this, blocking is thus avoided and a longer stroke obtained.
  • In 1685-86 the Pacific coast was ravaged by Dampier and Swan, and in 1709 Woodes Rogers, with Dampier as pilot, captured the Manila treasure galleon, a feat repeated by Anson in 1743.