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Another word for rallying cry

  1. A rallying term used by proponents of a cause

      1. A cry or slogan used to encourage those in a battle, struggle, contest, etc.
      2. (Idiomatic) By extension, a strong motto or purpose statement, especially in regards to winning a goal in sports, games or work.
      3. A rallying cry uttered in combat, especially while attacking.
      1. A loud utterance of an emotion, such as fear, anger, or despair.
      2. A loud vocal sound expressing pain, anger, fright, joy, etc.
      3. A rallying call or signal:
      1. A maxim adopted as a principle of behavior
      2. A brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal:
      3. A word, phrase, or sentence chosen as expressive of the goals or ideals of a nation, group, family, etc. and inscribed on a seal, banner, coin, coat of arms, etc.
      1. A phrase or slogan adopted by a party in any conflict, contest, election, etc.
      2. A phrase or slogan used to rally people to a cause.
      3. A cry uttered by combatants as they attack; a battle cry.
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