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Another word for gallivant

  1. To move about at random, especially over a wide area

      1. To move about without a definite destination or purpose.
      2. To go by an indirect route or at no set pace; amble:
      3. To proceed in an irregular course; meander:
      1. To walk or tramp about; gad:
      2. To walk or tramp over or about:
      3. A tiring walk.
      1. To move away from a group, deviate from a course, or escape from established limits:
      2. To move without a destination or purpose; wander:
      3. To be directed without apparent purpose; look in an idle or casual manner:
      1. To wander about, especially over a wide area; roam.
      2. To be directed without apparent purpose; look in an idle or casual manner:
      3. To roam or wander around, over, or through:
      1. To move about without purpose or plan; wander.
      2. To turn the attention from one subject to another with little clarity or coherence of thought:
      3. To move or pass over the body:
      1. A number or grouping of things in the same category or within specified limits:
      2. An amount or extent of variation:
      3. The gamut of tones that a voice or instrument is capable of producing.
      1. To move about aimlessly:
      2. To walk casually or leisurely:
      3. To follow an irregularly winding course of motion or growth:
      1. To journey or travel from place to place, especially on foot.
      2. To travel through or over; traverse.
      1. To follow a winding and turning course:
      2. To move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction:
      3. To speak or write in sustained fashion on a number of loosely connected topics.
      1. To move about restlessly or with little purpose, especially in search of pleasure or amusement.
      1. To be carried along by currents of air or water:
      2. To proceed or move unhurriedly or aimlessly:
      3. To live or behave without a clear purpose or goal:
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Another word for gallivant

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