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Another word for perambulate

  1. To walk at a leisurely pace

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Another word for perambulate

  1. To ramble

      1. To rise, especially to rise upward out of place:
      2. To take a long, vigorous walk; tramp or march, esp. through the country, woods, etc.
      3. To go on an extended walk for pleasure or exercise.
      1. To walk along or through at a leisurely pace:
      2. To go for a leisurely walk:
      3. To walk in an idle, leisurely manner; saunter
      1. To roam through, in, or over without plan or destination
      2. To turn away from accepted belief or morals
      3. To move or go about aimlessly, without plan or fixed destination; ramble; roam
      1. To bring to a specified condition by walking:
      2. To be acquitted:
      3. To cause to walk or proceed at a walk:
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  2. To inspect

      1. To make a regular and repeated circuit of (an area, town, camp, etc.) in guarding or inspecting
      2. To engage in a patrol of.
      3. (Intransitive) To go the rounds along a chain of sentinels; to traverse a police district or beat.
      1. (Electronics) To traverse (a region) with a succession of transmitted radar beams, usually radiated in a systematic pattern
      2. To direct a finely focused beam of light or electrons in a systematic pattern over (a surface) in order to reproduce or sense and subsequently transmit an image.
      3. To encode (text, for example) in digital format by means of an optical scanner.
      1. To apply oneself to learning, especially by reading:
      2. To give careful thought to; contemplate:
      3. To pursue a course of study:
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