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Another word for rage

  1. Violent or unrestrained anger

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  2. A subject or activity that inspires lively interest

      1. suffering or agony, as of a martyr
      2. an account of this
      3. the sufferings of Jesus, beginning with his agony in the garden of Gethsemane and continuing to his death on the Cross
      1. An excessively intense enthusiasm, interest, or desire:
      2. A manifestation of bipolar disorder, marked usually by high energy, racing thoughts, irritability, and rapid speech.
      1. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause.
      2. A source or cause of great excitement or interest.
      3. Ecstasy arising from supposed possession by a god.
      1. To cause to become mentally deranged or obsessed.
      2. To produce a network of fine cracks in the surface or glaze of.
      3. To become mentally deranged or obsessed.
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  3. The current custom

      1. An object or entity that is not or cannot be named specifically:
      2. An individual object, especially an inanimate object:
      3. A creature:
      1. The prevailing fashion, practice, or style:
      2. Popular acceptance or favor; popularity:
      3. To dance by striking a series of rigid, stylized poses, evocative of fashion models during photograph shoots.
      1. A general tendency or course of events:
      2. Current style; vogue:
      3. The general direction of something:
      1. The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed:
      2. The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or performance characterizing a particular person, group, school, or era.
      3. Sort; type:
      1. A manner, way, or method of doing something, experiencing something, or acting:
      2. A particular form or kind:
      3. A given condition of functioning; a status or operation:
      1. A general commotion; public disorder or uproar.
      2. Violent anger; frenzy.
      3. A fashion adopted enthusiastically by the public; a fad.
      1. The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior:
      2. Something, such as a garment, that is in the current mode:
      3. Manner or mode; way:
      1. A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze.
      1. To cause to become mentally deranged or obsessed.
      2. To produce a network of fine cracks in the surface or glaze of.
      3. To become mentally deranged or obsessed.
  1. To be or become angry

      1. The vapor phase of water.
      2. A mist of cooling water vapor.
      3. Pressurized water vapor used for heating, cooking, or to provide mechanical power.
      1. To churn and foam as if boiling.
      2. To be in a state of turmoil or ferment:
      3. To be violently excited or agitated:
      1. Vapor, gas, or smoke, especially if irritating, harmful, or strong.
      2. A strong or acrid odor.
      3. A state of resentment or vexation.
      1. A colloidal dispersion of a gas in a liquid or solid medium, such as shaving cream, foam rubber, or a substance used to fight fires. A foam may be produced, especially on the surface of a liquid, by agitation or by a chemical reaction, such as fermentation.
      2. Any of various light, porous, semirigid or spongy materials, usually the solidified form of a liquid full of gas bubbles, used as a building material or for thermal insulation or shock absorption, as in packaging.
      3. Frothy saliva produced especially as a result of physical exertion or a pathological condition.
      1. A sudden outbreak of flame or light:
      2. An outburst or eruption:
      3. A recurrence, especially of a disease or condition:
      1. To release mechanical, chemical, or nuclear energy by the sudden production of gases in a confined space:
      2. To burst violently as a result of internal pressure.
      3. To shatter with a loud noise:
      1. To undergo combustion or be consumed as fuel:
      2. To be damaged, injured, or destroyed by fire, heat, radiation, electricity, or a caustic agent:
      3. To consume fuel:
      1. A stiff hair.
      2. A stiff hairlike structure:
      3. To stand stiffly on end like bristles:
      1. (intransitive) To boil to such an extent as to overflow its container.
      2. (idiomatic, of anger, etc.) To reach the point where aggressive action is taken.
      1. A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.
      2. To make angry; enrage or provoke.
      3. To become angry:

Another word for rage

  1. Violent anger

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  2. A fit of anger

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  3. The object of enthusiasm and imitation

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  1. To give vent to anger