Sentence Examples

  • Permissive parents often "give in" to their children's wishes, hesitating on boundaries as soon as their child protests, gets angry, throws a tantrum, or expresses disapproval in some way.
  • If the upset has occurred over something the child wants and has been denied, it is tempting to give in to the child's wishes, but doing so can be harmful because it teaches children that they can get what they want by having a tantrum.
  • A tantrum is an episode of extreme anger and frustration characterized by crying, screaming, and violent body motions, including throwing things, falling to the floor, and banging one's head, hands, and feet against the floor.
  • The woman claimed to have seen Heath Ledger doing drugs before his tragic death and also made claims that she was once the personal assistant to tantrum prone model Naomi Campbell.
  • The tantrum occurs because the small child, who is still learning to cope with her feelings, is simply unable to contain strong emotions of anger, frustration, or disappointment.