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Another word for huff

  1. An angry outburst

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  2. Extreme displeasure caused by an insult or slight

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  1. To breathe hard

      1. To blossom
      2. To bloom or cause to bloom.
      1. To draw in the breath sharply, as from shock.
      2. To say or tell with gasps
      3. To inhale suddenly, as in surprise, or breathe with effort, as in choking
      1. To feel strong desire; yearn eagerly
      2. To breathe rapidly and heavily; gasp, as from running fast
      3. To give off loud puffs, especially while moving.
      1. To blow, drive, give forth, etc. in or with a puff or puffs
      2. To blow in puffs, as the wind
      3. To blow in puffs.
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  2. To cause resentment or hurt by callous, rude behavior

      1. (Archaic) To come before; meet; face
      2. To meet defiantly; confront:
      3. To insult openly or purposely; offend; slight
      1. To treat or speak to with scorn, insolence, or great disrespect; subject to treatment, a remark, etc. that hurts or is meant to hurt the feelings or pride
      2. (Obs.) To attack; assail
      3. To affront or demean:
      1. (Usually used in the passive) to offend slightly
      2. To offend or take offense; put or be put out of humor
      3. To cause to become offended or annoyed.
      1. To break a law, religious commandment, etc.; commit a sin or crime
      2. To cause displeasure, anger, resentment, or wounded feelings in:
      3. To hurt the feelings of; cause to feel resentful, angry, or displeased; insult
      1. To produce anger or resentment in:
      2. To offend, insult, or wrong grievously
      3. To offend grossly against (standards of decency or morality); commit an outrage on.
      1. To provoke; arouse:
      2. To cause to feel resentment or indignation.
      3. To arouse resentment in, as by slighting; ruffle the pride of

Another word for huff

      1. An annoying or being annoyed
      2. A thing or person that annoys
      3. A cause of irritation or vexation; a nuisance.
      1. The act of creating resentment, hurt feelings, displeasure, etc.
      2. The team in possession of the ball or puck, or those players whose primary duty is to attempt to score.
      3. The condition of being offended, esp. of feeling hurt, resentful, or angry; umbrage
      1. (Countable, astronomy, physics) Variation in an orbit due to the influence of external bodies
      2. (Astron.) A small change in an orbit caused by the attraction of another celestial body, other bodies, etc.
      3. A small change in a physical system, such as a variation in a planet's orbit resulting from the gravitational influence of other celestial bodies.
      1. A state of mind or emotion; disposition:
      2. A characteristic general quality; tone:
      3. A tendency to become easily angry or irritable:
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