Sentence Examples

  • Their was plenty of huff and puff from all of us, but we lacked guile.
  • Not all of the women take kindly to being put into the "hot seat," and although Steve has valid points to make more than one woman has become argumentative or even walked away from the situation in a huff.
  • Not only will you huff and puff your way to a leaner body, you'll begin to see muscles in places you never thought you'd see them including down the center of your stomach.
  • In fact, the Hermes Kelly bag was the inspiration behind the infamous celebrity-toted Jelly Kelly that had Hermes understandably in a huff.
  • Usually these games, such as the Speed Dating Game, will show you a caricature of a woman and present you with a selection of possible conversational responses that will either charm your paramour or make her so mad she leaves in a huff.