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Another word for offend

  1. To cause resentment or hurt by callous, rude behavior

      1. To cause to feel resentment or indignation.
      2. To provoke; arouse:
      3. To arouse resentment in, as by slighting; ruffle the pride of
      1. To commit an outrage upon or against
      2. To produce anger or resentment in:
      3. To offend grossly against (standards of decency or morality); commit an outrage on.
      1. To offend or take offense; put or be put out of humor
      2. (Usually used in the passive) to offend slightly
      3. To cause to become offended or annoyed.
      1. To treat or speak to with scorn, insolence, or great disrespect; subject to treatment, a remark, etc. that hurts or is meant to hurt the feelings or pride
      2. (Obs.) To attack; assail
      3. To affront or demean:
      1. (Slang) To inhale something for the intoxicating or euphoric affects
      2. (Obs.) To swell with pride or arrogance
      3. (Slang) To inhale the fumes of (a volatile chemical, for example) as a means of becoming intoxicated.
      1. To insult intentionally, especially openly.
      2. To meet defiantly; confront:
      3. To insult openly or purposely; offend; slight
  2. To be very disagreeable to

  3. To violate a moral or divine law

      1. (Law) To commit an unlawful injury to the person, property, or rights of another, with actual or implied force or violence, especially to enter onto another's land wrongfully.
      2. (Intransitive, now rare) To commit an offence; to sin.
      3. To commit an offense or a sin; transgress or err.
      1. To go beyond (a limit, boundary, etc.)
      2. To spread over land, especially over the land along a subsiding shoreline. Used of the sea.
      3. To break a law or commandment; sin
      1. To violate a religious or moral law.
      2. To commit a sin
      1. To commit an act that is wrong; do wrong.
      2. To be wrong or mistaken; fall into error
      3. To deviate from the established moral code; do wrong
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Another word for offend

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Synonym Study

  • Outrage implies an extreme offense against someone's sense of right, justice, propriety, etc. he was outraged by the offer of a bribe
  • Insult implies an affront so insolent or contemptuously rude as to cause humiliation and resentment a book that insults the reader's intelligence
  • Affront implies open and deliberate disrespect or offense to affront someone's pride
  • Offend implies the causing of displeasure or resentment in another, intentionally or unintentionally, by wounding the person's feelings or by a breach of the person's sense of propriety she will be offended if she is not invited