Sentence Examples

  • The light burst on the bridge screen can be turned into a beam with the clone-stamp tool, a beam that delivers Q2 to the bridge to annoy and interfere with the crew in the great tradition established by the original Q.
  • My eyes are green and my lashes are long enough to annoy me when I wear sunglasses, and so I am always playing with tubes of color and those that curl and define.
  • While researchers continue to try to understand why people need to sleep, lack of sleep makes people irritable, easy to annoy and short tempered.
  • The sense of adventure and open-mindedness that so many people love about Aquarians can turn into extreme unpredictability in their actions, and that can tend to annoy people with whom they have close relationships.
  • Below are just a few of the categories to choose from, whether your goal is to annoy your wife, get fired from your job, or risk getting your kid expelled following that next parent-teacher conference.