Sentence Examples

  • Rites are practised in the name of religion which are abhorrent to Yahweh, because they either have no moral meaning at all, and are mere forms.
  • The idea of the sovereignty of the people was to him utterly abhorrent, and even any delegation of sovereign power on his own part would have seemed a betrayal of a God-given trust.
  • This really hits the position of Morone, a sincere Catholic, to whom persecution was abhorrent.
  • To the Greeks and Macedonians such a regime was abhorrent, and the opposition roused by Alexander's attempt to introduce among them the practice of proskynesis (prostration before the royal presence), was bitter and effectual.
  • From what Gio says, she.ll want to stay, and I doubt she.d consider mating with someone like me abhorrent.